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I wanted to let you know about a new Product Launch we'll have in early-2016. We expect this will revolutionize Oracle Virtualization for any Enterprise utilizing Oracle VM for x86.

Now - only available to our subscribers - we'd like to offer you a chance to join an Exclusive Promotions list.
By Roddy Rodstein 08/08/2015
This post is applicable to all Oracle VM Manager Release 3 installations on Enterprise Linux 6U7
I wanted to share a simple and quick fix for the Oracle VM Manager installation configuration verification failures on Enterprise Linux 6U7. Use the ignore installation prerequisite checks option "-n" or "--noprereq" with the ./runInstaller command. This simple solutions will save you hours of headache trying to get Oracle's workaround in My Oracle Support Doc ID 2040173.1 to work. 
By Roddy Rodstein 09/29/2015
This post is applicable to all Oracle VM 3 Releases, and Enterprise Linux 6 
One question we are often asked what is Oracle VM's maximum number of fiber channel LUNs and paths per LUN...
  • An Oracle VM server can access 1024 fiber channel LUNs with 2 paths per LUN
  • An Oracle VM server can access 512 fiber channel LUNs with 4 paths per LUN
  • An Oracle VM server can access 256 fiber channel LUNs with 8 paths per LUN