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Configure the /etc/hosts File

Oracle technology products, including Oracle Enterprise Manager, rely on a properly formatted /etc/hosts file which allows the host to be pingable, with long and short host names. The host name in the /etc/hosts file must be associated with the server's public IP address.
The next example shows the proper syntax from a /etc/hosts file. Note that the localhost entries are one one line, and the IP address with the long and short names are on the next line. localhost.localdomain localhost servername
The next example shows an improperly formatted /etc/hosts file. Note that the long and short names are on the same line as the localhost entries. servername localhost.localdomain localhost servername
Tip: The following IPv6 entries in Oracle Linux 5 & 6 /etc/hosts files should be removed to aviod "Bug 13652664 : AGENT DEPLOY FAILS WITH AGENT PORT PASSED BY USER IS BUSY" with Oracle Management Agent installations:
::1         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6
The /etc/hosts file can be edited using your favorite text editor.

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