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General Availability Announcement for ROAD for Oracle VM

We are pleased to announced the general availability of ROAD for Oracle VM. ROAD for Oracle VM is the number one availability protection, disaster recovery and operations automation solution for Oracle VM. 

ROAD for Oracle VM introduces innovative features delivering the following capabilities:

  • Oracle VM Availability Protection: Oracle VM Manager is the centralized management and operations center for Oracle VM. Without Oracle VM Manager operations will quickly screech to a halt. ROAD for Oracle VM provides availability protection for Oracle VM Manager with RTOs of < 15 minutes.

  • Oracle VM Disaster Recovery and Operations Automation: Oracle VM operations automation allows you to quickly implement change during maintenance windows, and disaster recovery events, while mitigating the risk of change. ROAD for Oracle VM runbooks combines extensive automation with intuitive workflows to be able to quickly implement change during maintenance windows, and disaster recovery events.

  • Oracle VM Ready for Business Reporting and Operations Toolkit: Oracle VM ready for business reporting and operations toolkit provides the monitoring, alerting, and tools IT operations need to proactively respond to issues before they impact the business. ROAD for Oracle VM’s reporting and operations toolkit provides ready for business reports along with the tools operations needs to keep Oracle VM running uninterrupted.

  • Oracle VM Operations Mobility: Solve Oracle VM administrative resource constraints with software that any team member can use. ROAD for Oracle VM automation makes Oracle VM administration tasks completely mobile, and available to any team member.

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