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Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Inter Component Communication and Data Exchange

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Could Control, the Oracle Management Repository, the Oracle Management Service and the Oracle Management Agents and Plug-ins can be on different hosts throughout your enterprise. Understanding Oracle Enterprise Manager's intra component communication and data exchange will help you configure your firewalls in order to allow Oracle Enterprise Manager to operate in your enterprise. During the Oracle Enterprise Manager installation, the default communication ports for each component will be selected and assigned. If the default ports are modified be sure to use the new port assignments when you configure your firewalls.
Table 1 shows the default ports used by Oracle Enterprise Manager.
Default Port
Enterprise Manager Upload HTTP Port
4889 - 4898
Enterprise Manager Upload HTTPS (SSL) Port
1159, 4899 - 4908
Management Agent Port
Management Repository Database Port
Cloud Control Console HTTP Port
7788 - 7798
Cloud Control Console HTTPS (SSL) Port
7799 -7809
EM Domain WebLogic Admin Server HTTP Port
EM Domain WebLogic Admin Server HTTPS (SSL) Port
7101 - 7200
Cloud Control Managed Server HTTP Port
7201 - 7300
Cloud Control Managed Server HTTPS (SSL) Port
7301 - 7400
WebLogic Node Manager HTTPS (SSL) Port
7401 - 7500
JVM Diagnostics Managed Server
JVM Diagnostics Managed Server (SSL)
Application Dependency and Performance RMI Registry Port
Application Dependency and Performance Java Provider Port
Application Dependency and Performance Remote Service Controller Port
Figure 2 shows the Oracle Management Agent intra component communication and data exchange.

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