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Oracle VM Diagnostic Utilities

Last Update: May 20th 2015
The Mokum Oracle VM Server Diagnostic Utilities are a collection of diagnostic, and operations scripts for Oracle VM Server 3.x.. 
To install, simply unzip the file on your Oracle VM server in /root, chmod 755 -R mokum_ovs_diagnostic_utilities-5-20-2015, and run the scripts from the mokum_ovs_diagnostic_utilities-5-20-2015 directory. For exmaple, if you install the Mokum Oracle VM Diagnostic Utilities on an Oracle VM server in /root/mokum_ovs_diagnostic_utilities-5-20-2015:
# unzip
# cd mokum_ovs_diagnostic_utilities-5-20-2015
This will create a subdirectory mokum_ovs_diagnostic_utilities-5-20-2015 which contains 8 scripts:
Note: If a previous version of Mokum Oracle VM server Diagnostic Utilities already is installed, it is highly recommended to remove them.
When opening a Virtual Machine console using Oracle VM Manager, if the VNC console opens with “Status: Connected to Server” and no VNC console, run blank_vnc_console_fix to remove the broken ovm-consoled pid and start the ovm-consoled service. 
To be able to reuse an Oracle VM Server in a new or existing server pool, run clean_cluster to wipe the Oracle VM Server's berkeley DB and cluster data before discovering in Oracle VM Manager.
To troubleshoot berkeley DB and cluster issues run cluster_health to generate a status report named  hostname-date-cluster_health.out.
To troubleshoot Fibre Channel HBA issues run fcscan_details to generate a status report on multipath and HBA details named hostname-date-san-details.out.
list_vms will print a list to stdout of all of the virtual machines, templates and assemblies within a server pool.
uuid_to_vm generates xm list output with uuid to simple name mappings to stdout.
local_bench will run a simple dd test in the /tmp directory on local disk and output to hostname-date-local_bench.out.
ocfs2_bench will run a simple dd test for Oracle VM repositories (LUNS) and outputs to local_bench.out. Note: It is necessary to edit/change the path to dd test each desired repository.

These utilities (scripts) are provided for free, as-is. 

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