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Oracle VM Manager 3.3 and Above Uninstallation

Oracle VM Manager 3.3 and Above Uninstallation

Applicable for Oracle VM Release 3.3 and above
The ability to quickly rebuild, remove and restore Oracle VM Manager is an essential Oracle VM lifecycle operation. If the goal of an Oracle VM Manager uninstall is to start over without the need to preserve previous Oracle VM server pools, simply uninstall and reinstall Oracle VM Manager. If the goal is to recover Oracle VM Manager, with previous Oracle VM server pools, reset or uninstall and reinstall Oracle VM Manager using the UUID restore switch. A UUID Oracle VM Manager installation can be done with or without an Oracle VM Manager Database repository schema backup and restore operation. If the intent is to restore Oracle VM Manager database schema, an Oracle VM Manager uninstall may not be necessary. Regardless of the Oracle VM Manager uninstall intent, it is necessary to completely uninstall each of the Oracle VM Manager components.
The next example shows the steps to perform a Oracle VM Manager 3.3 uninstall.
  • Download the Oracle VM Manager installation media (not source) from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud - Oracle Linux and Oracle VM portal.
  • Copy the Oracle VM Manager installation media to a directory on the Oracle VM Manager host.
  • Log in to the Oracle VM Manager host as root, and unzip the file.
  • Mount the ISO file by typing “mount -o loop <FILE NAME>.iso /mnt”
  • Change to the /mnt directory, i.e. “cd /mnt.
  • Verify that host name in the /etc/hosts file is associated with the server's public IP address.
  • Run the installer script as root, by typing “./”

Note: To be able to reinstall Oracle VM Manager, it is necessary to uninstall all of the Oracle VM Manager componients.

# /etc/init.d/ovmm stop
Stopping Oracle VM Manager                                 [  OK  ]
# ./ 

Oracle VM Manager Release 3.3.1 Installer

Oracle VM Manager Installer log file:

Please select an installation type:
   1: Install
   2: Upgrade
   3: Uninstall
   4: Help

   Select Number (1-4): 3

Begin uninstalling Oracle VM Manager:
   1: Continue
   2: Abort

   Select Number (1-2): 1

Uninstall Oracle VM Manager

DB component : MySQL RPM package
MySQL RPM package installed by OVMM was found...
Removing MySQL RPM package installation ...

Product component : Java in '/u01/app/oracle/java/'
Java is installed ...

Removing Java installation ...

Product component : Oracle VM Manager in '/u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/'
Oracle VM Manager is installed ...
Removing Oracle VM Manager installation ...

Product component : Oracle WebLogic Server in '/u01/app/oracle/Middleware/'
Oracle WebLogic Server is installed

Removing Oracle WebLogic Server installation ...
Service ovmm is deleted.
Service ovmcli is deleted.

Uninstall completed ...

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