Reduce the time and effort required to manage Oracle VM.

Save time, and reduce risks with ROAD for Oracle® VM, the leading productivity suite for Oracle VM for x86. With ROAD you'll improve system performance, and uptime, optimize Oracle licensing, while comfortably meeting service level agreements, RPOs and RTOs for business critical Oracle workloads. ROAD is unrivaled for ensuring the greatest possible Oracle license optimizations, system performance, operations automation, availability, and disaster recovery protection for Oracle VM and its business critical Oracle workloads. 

Only ROAD gives you the power to:

  • Implement consistent and repeatable processes.
  • Perform Oracle VM maintenance tasks programmatically.
  • Perform CPU reporting, vCPU pinning.
  • Pinpoint & resolve CPU performance and Oracle licensing inefficiencies.
  • Oracle VM Manager availability protection.
  • Inter-site, and intra-site VM failover.
  • Business readiness reports.
  • Bulk import/export VMs to and from VMware.

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Increased Productivity

Provides industry-leading task automation that saves time and increases productivity by as much as 80 percent over native Oracle tools. Automates administration tasks to allows you to quickly implement change during maintenance windows, and disaster recovery events, while mitigating the risk of change. 

CPU Reporting & Pinning for Oracle License Compliance, and System Performance Evaluations

Provides CPU allocation reporting and management for Oracle License Compliance, and performance evaluations with physical CPU (pCPU) and virtual CPU (vCPU) reporting, and virtual CPU pinning. Optimize Oracle licensing, improve system performance, and stay compliant.

Availability Protection

Provides fast, flexible and reliable automated recovery for Oracle VM Manager. ROAD for Oracle VM was designed to quickly and efficiently recover Oracle VM Manager on the same host, or a different host with return to normal operations (RTO) in minutes, not hours, without disrupting running Oracle VM servers, or virtual machines. Improve your Availability strategy and comfortably meet service level agreements, RPOs and RTOs for business critical Oracle workloads.

Oracle VM to VMware, and VMware to Oracle VM  Virtual Machine Imports and Exports

Provides migrations between Oracle VM and VMware with bulk virtual machine imports, and exports. Quicky move virtual machines to and from Oracle VM and VMware.

Business Readiness Reporting

Provides automated Oracle VM business readiness assessments on a scheduled basis delivered via email. Allows Oracle VM administrators to be proactive with the health of the Oracle VM clusters.


We offer four different editions of ROAD for Oracle VM to fit the size of your Oracle VM estate. 
Compare the Road for Oracle VM Editions
Enterprise Plus
Suitable For
Single Data Center
Single Oracle VM Manager
Up to two Oracle VM Servers
Single Data Center
Unlimited Oracle VM Managers
Unlimited Oracle VM Servers and Pools
Two Data Centers
Unlimited Oracle VM Managers
Unlimited Oracle VM Servers and Pools
Unlimited Data Centers
Unlimited Oracle VM Managers
Unlimited Oracle VM Servers and Pools
Oracle VM Manager Availability Protection
Oracle VM Operations Automation
Oracle VM Disaster Recovery Automation
* Oracle VM CPU Reporting & Pinning
* Bidirectional Oracle VM to VMware VM Migrations
Oracle VM Business Readiness Reporting 
Hypervisor Operations Tool Kit

* Supported only for Oracle VM Release 3.4


ROAD for Oracle VM Supports: Oracle VM Release 3.2+, 3.3+, and 3.4+

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